2MILab – Helping you understand your interfaces

The “Molecules and Materials at Interfaces” laboratory – 2MILab, is an open facility based at the School of Engineering in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health at KTH, in the heart of Stockholm. Our associated staff are often internationally recognized authorities in their area of expertise within the broad field of surface, colloid and corrosion science. This fact is witnessed by the large number of their peer-reviewed publications. Research areas are diverse and exploit a wide range of measurements, modelling and theoretical methods providing state-of-the-art insights into the problem at hand. The laboratory collects the diverse instrumentation used in those studies. We have extensive experience of collaborations with companies, both large and small, and our staff are well versed in providing crucial contributions to industrial advances and solutions.

For students and research staff, a yearly membership fee provides access to all available instruments and techniques at 2MILab. Alternatively, internal users can pay an hourly fee that covers the running cost of the instrument. More information about access fees here!

Lab users can book instrument time with our intuitive cloud-based LIMS system.

If you don’t feel comfortable running the instrument yourself, we can provide assistance, or even run the measurements for you. Users from industry are very welcome and for an additional fee we contribute with data interpretation.

Surfaces and interfaces are ubiquitous, and you can find a few examples of economically vital application examples below. Welcome!




New Witec Scanning Confocal Raman Microscope installed at 2MILab!
A new Witec Alpha 300 confocal Raman microscope partly funded by KTH was installed this week at 2MILab. Professor Eric Tyrode, responsible for the purchase is pictured here with representatives from Witec and Kimmy Photonics. This powerful instrument features 3 … Read More
2MILab has acquired a Leica EM FC7 Cryo-ultramicrotome for preparation of high quality ultrathin (down to 10s of nm) sections of all sorts of materials from biological tissue to wood, inorganic materials or metals! Please contact 2MILab if you are … Read More
Dr. Anastasia Riazanova from the Department of Fiber and Polymer Technology at KTH holding a one-day training session for new users of the recently installed Thermo Fisher Apreo 2s SEM-EDS system with ChemiSEM! Please contact 2MILab if you would like … Read More
The Kratos Axis Supra+ system installed at 2MILab in March of 2023 has been generating interesting results on systems ranging from wood templated nanocomposites, new types of solar cells, and recycled magnets. After recent applications training by Dr. Liam Soomary, … Read More
red and green lasers
Olle Engkvist Foundation has awarded 2.6Mkr to Eric Tyrode / 2MILab to replace one of the central lasers. This upgrade is crucial to broaden the user-base of the superbly surface sensitive vertical sum frequency generation spectroscopy (VSFS) method. The laser … Read More