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Scientists associated with 2MILab are experts in their fields of research. As a member of 2MILab, you will have full access to this bank of knowledge, which can be invaluable in planning meaningful experiments, or seeing your research questions from new angles that might give you critical insights.

The lab is administered by Dr. Matthew Fielden, who has long and varied experience from both academia and industry, and has specific expertise in the area of atomic force microscopy. The scientific director Professor Eric Tyrode has a wide spectrum of interests, and is a world-leading expert on sum-frequency generation via femto-second laser spectroscopy. Please feel free to contact us if you think we can be of assistance!

For access and technical questions
2MILab Director
Matthew Fielden
+46 8 790 8246

For strategic questions and issues related to collaboration
2MILab Scientific Director
Eric Tyrode

eniro karta

KTH is located centrally in the northern part of the city (click the map for an online version)