Research Tools

2MILab offers a range of instruments and other research tools covering a wide range of analytical capability for the investigation of particulate systems, material surfaces and interfaces. Some instruments recently installed, or currently under procurement include XPS, a new SEM-EDS system, a new laser for sum frequency generation spectroscopy, and a cryo-ultramicrotome for sample preparation for TEM, SEM, AFM, Raman etc. The following list covers the more important tools.

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SupplierModelLIMS link
Transmission electron microscope (TEM)HitachiHT7700TEM
Scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (SEM-EDS)PhilipsXL-30SEM 1
FE-Scanning electron microscope with ChemiSEM live chemical imaging (ChemiSEM)Thermo Fisher ScientificApreo 2sSEM 2
X-ray photoelectron spectroscope (XPS)KratosAXIS Supra+XPS
Atomic force microscope (AFM)BrukerMultimode 8AFM
Nano infrared microscopeNeaSpecIR-neaSCOPENanoIR
Femtosecond sum frequency generation (SFG)Custom-builtFemtoSFG
Picosecond sum frequency generation (SFG)Custom-builtPicoSFG
Total internal reflection (TIR) RamanCustom-builtTIR-Raman
Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D)Q-Sense (Biolin Scientific)E4QCM-D
Quartz crystal microbalanceAttanaA100Attana
Contact angle meterFibroPocket GoniometerPocket
Gas adsorption for BET surface area and pore size distributionMicromeritics3FlexBET
Mercury intrusion porosimetryMicromeriticsAutopore IVHg-porosimeter
Dynamic light scatteringMalvernZetasizer Nano
Streaming potential meterAnton PaarSurPass 2SurPass
Powder x-ray diffractionPANanalyticalX’Pert ProXRD