About 2MILab

The “Molecules and Materials at Interfaces” laboratory – 2MILab, is an open facility based at the School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health at KTH, in the heart of Stockholm. Our offering is based on the expertise of our staff, with long academic and industrial experience in hands-on problem solving in all conceivable application areas. If you don’t feel comfortable running the instrument yourself, we can provide assistance, or even run measurements for you. Book instrument time with our intuitive cloud-based LIMS system.

Access Fees

2MILab offers a flexible range of fee options for users, depending on the length of their projects and the extent of instrument use. Fees are calculated based on full cost coverage* and are the same for all academic users regardless of instition. Lab and instrument fees for company users are double that of academic users. The most cost-effective option is a full user fee that covers all instruments in 2MILab, including XPS, TEM, SEM, AFM, TIR-Raman, SFG etc. Alternative options are also available for those who need extended access to only one instrument, or hourly fees per instrument for occasional use. Please contact 2MILab for further information on these options!

Access TypeDurationAcademic UsersIndustrial Users
Full lab access (all instruments)1 year75 000 kr150 000 kr
6 months55 000 kr110 000 kr
3 months35 000 kr70 000 kr

*Costs consist of repair, maintenance and depreciation of instruments, rent of premises, and salary and overheads for associated staff.

User Training

User training is performed by instrument operators and other expert users for a fee depending on the time required to train users to a sufficient level that they can use an instrument independently. It can be done individually or in groups, and may be offered at regular intervals during the year depending on demand. Contact 2MILab for further information!

Advisory Board

The advisory board of 2MILab currently consists of Prof Daniel Söderberg, head of department at Fiber and Polymer Technology, Prof Klas Engvall, Department of Chemical Technology, Prof István Furó, head of department, Chemistry, Assoc Prof Anna Hanner, Fiber and Polymer Technology and Prof emeritus Per Claesson, Surface and Corrosion Science (Chemistry department).

Happening in the lab

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