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2MILab @ K Building update

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The heritage-listed building that houses the Department of Chemistry at KTH was purpose-built in 1922 for education and research in chemical science. Parts of the building have been renovated since then, but a large scale renovation has not been undertaken, until now. As part of this large project, customized state-of-the-art labs will be provided to house the open lab facility of 2MILab in a convenient common location. The labs will feature clean air, and stringent vibration and environmental control to ensure reliable conditions for the highly sensitive instrumentation that will be placed there.

The current status is that the pre-projecting phase is complete, and will shortly move into the sharp projecting phase to pull together all of the different aspects of the large-scale building project. Subsequently, contractors will be enlisted to perform the renovation and construction work. The current aim is to move in to the renovated facilities during 2022, which is the 100th anniversary of the building!

Stay tuned for more updates!